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3d printed figurine of a girl holding a guitar

Unique and Affordable Gift Ideas for Birthdays in Toronto

There’s nothing like giving someone the perfect gift. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or “just because”, brightening someone’s day with a great gift is a rewarding experience. If you want to make a lasting impression with your next gift, go 3D! 3D printing technology allows us to create some amazing things, like full selfies, life-like replicas of celebrities or even a beloved pet. MY3D Agency is all about pushing the limits of 3D technology and finding new ways to innovate with 3D printing. For your next gift idea, we have a few suggestions for using 3D printing to make your gift extra unique:

3D Printed Celebrity

With our ability to print photo realistic replicas of people, one great gift idea is to replicate yourself (selfie) or an important person. If you’re looking to have a bigger presence in their life, giving them a miniature replica of yourself will remind them of what a great friend you are- and let them know that you are always present. If the gift recipient has a particularly cool or interesting hobby, we can even scan them with their guitar, rock climbing attire, paintbrush, you name it! Our scanning capabilities are advanced, and we can create a photorealistic figurine down to the finer details.


3D Printed Pets

If you are giving a gift to an animal-lover, 3D printing offers you the customizability of scanning and printing a particular beloved pet. This gift will be one to remember for any pet-lover, as their furry friend is immortalized in 3D print form! Our scanners pick up even the finest of details, so those distinguishing features that make their pet unique will shine in the finished printed product. That figurine you gift them isn’t just any cat, it’s their special pet immortalized using the advantages of 3D printing!

So if you are looking for a special gift that will make an impact, 3D printing presents a highly customizable photo-realistic option that will be memorable. Whether it’s a figurine of you, the giftee, or their beloved pet, a 3D printed model is something they won’t expect, and is a gift that utilizes the great advances in technology! MY3D Agency can help make your next gift one that they will remember and love- make an appointment with us today using our convenient online form, or call us at416-509-9030