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Become a 3D print producer and build a vast collection of unique items.

3D Printed Collectibles

MY3D Agency prints digital files that can become valuable 3D collectibles. EBay buyers can finally secure the missing piece they’re never able to find. Are you looking to make copies of a one-of-a-kind item? Or do you have a limited edition set piece to sell to your fans?

3D scanning can happen in twenty minutes or less. We can scan you and create a sample collector’s item to showcase at your events, and you may order them as needed and we’ll print and paint them as they’re ordered. We are able to create a campaign for you which opens up a brand new revenue stream – and there is zero charge to you to begin a limited edition campaign.

popular performers are re-cast as 3D printed collectibles and keepsakes


Creating 3D Printed Collectibles Has Never Been This Easy

MY3D Agency recognizes Jason Priestley as the first Canadian film and TV actor to have a 3D Printed Selfie. He was 3D scanned and 3D printed and is now preserved as a 3D visual data file. The resulting 3D printed figurine is a collectible.

In his leadership role, it’s hoped Jason Priestly will inspire and lure other major actors in both film, television, and music to record themselves at the agency.

While Mr. Priestley is best known for his role as ‘Brandon Walsh’ on the hit FOX series “Beverly Hills 90210”, he has created many memorable television characters on shows including “Call Me Fitz”, “A Side Order of Life”, “Love Monkey”, “Tru Calling”, “Medium” and “My Name is Earl.”

We like 3D scanning Canadian talent in our desire to help the music, film, and TV industries.