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Collectibles, 3D Printing, Superhero action figures

Be The Hero.

MY3D Superhero transforms you into stunningly lifelike custom action figures

Let's Do This!

Using the latest in 3D printing technology, our site will allow you to 3D print yourself on a selected superhero body – all we need are photos and your body style preference

Let's Do This!
Collectibles, 3D Printing, Superhero action figures

How Does It Work?

Choose Your Body

How buff do you want to be? Pick from our available bodies to have your head attached. Not only will we be building our body database regularly, but will also give 3D artists the chance to submit their own designs and get paid!

Take Your Photo

Get your Superhero face on! Send us a front and side photo of your face in even lighting. Make sure your hair is out of the way and that your eyes are straight. Think passport photo (no big smiles, mouth closed, etc)

Print Your Super Self

Once you’ve made your selections, we can actually create your own physical action figure thanks to 3D printing technology. With a few clicks, we can have your model printed and shipped to you.

Side by Side Comparison

Digital 3D Model sent as Proof
Actual Scale 3D Printed Model

This is what we’re made of

Angry? Not even

Our simple to use site will have you from zero to hero in no time

All Shapes and Sizes

Thanks to our constantly growing and user-generated library of superhero bodies

Anything But Alone

Share your creations with your friends and family through photos and social media

Insanely fun

With the option to 3D print, your creation goes from your computer to your desk

Do The Heroic Thing

Seen enough? Ready to take on the world as your own custom action figure?

Our site gives kids (and kids at heart) the ability to become a Superhero. With customization as the way of the future, we are utilizing our 3D printing technology to unique and fun opportunity to create one-of-a-kind custom action figures – that looks just like you.

Let's Do This!

Are you a 3D artist that wants to get paid for your designs?

We want to build the World’s Largest Database of Superhero 3D files. We can offer you the ability to sell your 3D designs, as well as add to our growing superhero database for purchase. Let’s collaborate!

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