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Stunning Visual Prototypes – in days

Experts at Rapid Prototyping, Chose My3D Agency for 3D Printing Prototypes

MY3D can help your company quickly turn an innovative idea into a physical product. Utilizing a variety of design and manufacturing technologies our team of passionate 3D experts will be happy to assist in bringing your project to life.

Heading to a trade show and need a full-colour representation of a potential product? Look no further. We can provide you with scaled models that can even be fitted for packaging. Whether you need a full run of the same item, or multiple numbers of one-offs, we can get it done in a matter of days.

best 3D prototype, 3D rapid prototyping in Toronto

Rapid Prototyping Model Toronto

Custom Props for film, television and more

Rapid Prototyping Model Toronto

Want to do something special for your employees? Why not have them scanned and printed. We can custom design a base that is reflective of your company while personalizing it with your employees name.

Recognize outstanding achievements, work anniversaries or even birthdays by having an employee 3D printed. If you’re not going to hand them a cheque then this is likely your next best option!

Custom Film Props