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Seven 3D printed Figures

Photographing 3D Printed Figurines

At the end of March 2018, MY3D AGENCY ventured down to Polson Pier to shoot pictures of 3D printed figurines with the City of Toronto in the background.  We got lucky finding this spot; the cement harbour block is part of the retaining wall, and came made-to-order for our photography shoot.  The block’s red graffiti spray paint added some nice colour in the foreground of our shots.


The idea to shoot the figures against the city came about after a friend of MY3D AGENCY criticized the previous website homepage for being too Priestly. Have you got a better idea? Michael challenged. He did. We followed along, and here we were. It was ten degrees below zero the day we shot these pictures.


Contrasting the six inch tall figurines against the backdrop of the city is a good visual juxtaposition that says ‘3D printing in Toronto‘ at a glance. That was the idea anyway. The CN Tower in the distant background is 553 meters tall.


Sudden wind gusts kept blowing over the tiny statues, and this prevented us from setting up the figurines in a street scene or something more narrative.  Initially we were only shooting the statues with the widest bases.  Eventually we got eight statues in the shot.

seven 3D printed figurines

The image we used for the homepage displays a nice diversity that suggests the city is home to such a mosaic of interesting people.