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Mobile 3D Scanning + Printing

MY3D Agency’s scanning technology is completely mobile which means we can set up at your location and be ready to scan you in a matter of minutes.

We utilize an Artec hand scanner as well as digital photography in order to capture all of the data required to produce high resolution 3D scans. Once the scan is complete we can customize the file for you to meet your exact specifications. We can offer models with and without texture, in all industry-standard formats.

Mobile 3d Scanning + Printing

3d Figure Scanner Toronto

Take the labour out of 3D modeling

3D Figure Scanner Toronto

Our digital modelers will process the scan data, re-topologize surfaces, lay out UVs, apply 4K or 8K textures and sculpt geometry so that your file is a perfectly cleaned Photorealistic model that can be utilized for Film + TV, Commercials and Animated characters. Models can be provided with or without texture and at varying polygon counts. We always try to give you the maximum detail possible within the time and budget you specify.

Call us today and tell us exactly what kind of file you are looking for and what it will be used for. We’ll give you a fast and affordable quote in a matter of hours.

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