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Sean Ward at My3d Agency in toronto

MY3D Agency Prints Digital Media Influencers in 2018

Now that we’ve settled into our new location at number 5 Dickens Street in Toronto, the world is slowly and persistently beating a path to our door.  Already in 2018, our hand-held 3D scanner has combed the complex surfaces of a half dozen local celebrities, business leaders and influential bloggers, and we’ve printed and boxed their 3D figurines for posterity.

All these media-makers have come through the door looking for 3D prints to decorate their lives and commemorate the current high points in their careers. Some of these people have positioned their 3D figurines as new revenue streams, for sale on their websites.  These are the bloggers and media makers that extol their own image as a brand commodity. 3D printing is for these people just another way for them to package themselves, and fill their social feeds with look-at-me images and videos of experience at MY3D Agency.Raymi the Minx gets 3D printing in Toronto

Some of the more notable VIP bloggers and celebrities who’ve visited us include Raymi the Minx, who wrote about how it all happens, or at least what it was that impacted her the most when she penned Raymi Toronto got a 3d printing experience detailing the whole process with informative anecdotes.  The post also relayed some complex scientific data that was more or less accurate (not really, 3D printers print many different materials today, not just ‘dust’ as she writes).

88GLAM got 3D Printed in Toronto

88 Camino 88 Camino2

Also in early February MY3D had the thrill of scanning recording artists Derek Wise and Drew Howard. When these two get together they are known as 88GLAM, and they are blowing up.

Derek Wise was born Derek Bissue in December 11, 1992.  Today he’s known by his stage name Derek Wise and is a Canadian hip hop recording artist from Toronto, Ontario. He records under the XO label and collective. In Wikipedia, it reports that his career was started when he was discovered by singer The Weeknd.

88 Camino is the second half of the 88GLAM duo. He has a lot of shiny metal mouth jewellery and this was not represented in the scans, sadly.

Both of these very talented recording artistes were scanned using our Artec hand scanner in order to generate their digital assets to be used for computer generated imagery or CGI by an music video or multi-media entertainment producer in Europe.

Derek Wise of 88Glam3D scan print file of Derek Wise of 88 GlamWe scanned the artists in two different poses and had them stand in ‘T’ pose position which makes it easier for the rigging software to be able to manipulate the files. Using this newly created digital asset it will be possible to make the stars dance or rap in fluid life-like motions in subsequent productions.

You can see by the attached pictures that the digital assets look exactly like the photos of both artists. These 3D files transcend time and space; the producer lives in Europe and he was able to come to Toronto and have the talent scanned, and can now create his entertaining work (which will take many hours and lots of computer processing power) from home with his newly received digital assets.

Sean Ward Show Immortalized in 3D Print as Comic Book Hero

Sean Ward the comic book author and genius behind the Sean Ward Show on YouTube was also into the studio and got printed this month.  His comic book superhero spoof videos have millions of views (seriously we’re not exaggerating, HUNDREDS of millions of views!)  and he was telling us about how he now lives entirely off the proceeds; he gets a small cheque for a few thousand dollars every month with which he pays his expenses and finances his fun, creative life.  Our figurine is important to him and his fans because it captures his youthful appearance today and details his persona now at this exciting time in his career.

Sean Ward is YouTube video star comicon cosplay celeb

Sean Ward from the Sean Ward Show on YouTube and Facebook is a new age home video star and Comicon cosplay celeb – photo by Rob Campbell

3D Figurines on the Toronto Dating Scene!

Laura Bilotta from Single in the City is another rising celebrity with a book and an AM 340 talk radio show.   Laura came in for a complimentary 3D scan and got a six inch 3D selfie statue that is honestly among the cutest little figurines we’ve ever printed.

Laura Bilotta at MY3D Agency in Toronto

Laura Bilotta the CEO and Founder of Single in the City enters MY3D Agency at 5 Dickens St seeking immortality as 3D printed six inch figurine.

Laura Bilotta is both the beauty and the brains behind Single in the City ca.  She is an iconic business leader and Toronto’s speed dating queen.  Her matchmaking service represents ‘hope’ for so many single men and women eager to meet their mates.

Laura Bilotta from Single in the City with 3d printing figurine

Laura Bilotta from Single in the City holds her very cute 3D printed figurine.  Photo by Rob Campbell

Laura’s tell-all blog post about getting 3D printing at MY3DAgency on her dating and relationship blog on the Single in the City website contains a detailed account of the whole process with descriptions of all activities before, during and after the experience.


Most interestingly, Laura’s blog post contains some insights into her mental and physical preparations; it shows photos and tells the story of how she found the perfect pose, and it shows the printing process that followed the scanning that happened when she was in the studio.

The article includes images of her three dimensional digital files on the print machine monitor in the studio, along with images of her holding her full colour 3D print.

MY3D Agency has streamlined the scanning and printing process to make it easy for busy important people to stop by after their meetings and shows. We make is easy to come in and get 3D printed and then return in a week to pickup the physical print.

The prices are very reasonable.

6” tall 3D prints are $219
7” tall 3D prints are $269
8” tall 3D prints are $329

If you’re reading this and you personally are sitting on the fence about getting yourself or someone you love and admire printed, then now is the time to buy as the prices are only going to rise due to the increased cost of acquiring the print materials.

If you have a complicated idea or need something in bulk please call and we’ll chat about it over the phone.