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How do I send my photos?

First you have to build your order and select your hair colour, and after checkout we will send you an email with instructions on how to take and upload your images.

Why can’t I upload my photos now?

Because of the specific nature of how the photos need to be taken, we send you an email with instructions and which allows you to upload your images once you’ve taken them.

What is the estimated production time?

1-2 weeks after accepting your images, depending on work volume.

What is your delivery time?

After production, shipping typically can take about a week. Delivery times may vary depending on international locations.

Can I wear glasses in my photo?

Unfortunately, the texture of your glasses transfer on to the face when we run it through our software. We’re looking into alternate ways to allow our users to wear their glasses however.

Can we have hats or other props?

We do not offer the ability for headwear or props, but just like the glasses issue, we are looking into options to allow this in the future.

What are they made of?

Our models are printed in a sandstone material. The colour is printed directly onto the object and there is no need for painting.

Are they waterproof?

Although they will withstand a splash or two, try to avoid getting them wet.

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