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Business Solutions for Professionals

3D Printing for Prototype and Scale Models

As entrepreneurs we are always looking for that little extra edge; that edge is now 3D printing! Whether you’re an architect, a developer or an engineer – we have the best solution for you.

Projects that would traditionally take weeks or months can now be completed in a matter of days. If you don’t already have a digital file we can help you create one and can 3D print in any material. The innovative and incredibly personalized 3D figurine is available in various sizes along with the potential of adding a customized acrylic base.

Expert technician 3D printing prototype design models for business professional at My 3D Agency in Toronto


Remember the times that matter

Want to do something special for your employees? Why not have them scanned and printed. We can custom design a base that is reflective of your company while personalizing it with your employees name.

Recognize outstanding achievements, work anniversaries or even birthdays by having an employee 3D printed. If you’re not going to hand them a cheque then this is likely your next best option!


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