3D scanning is the process of analyzing a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance (e.g. color). The collected data can then be used to construct digital 3D models.

At MY3D, our scanning system is completely mobile which means that we can set up at your location and be ready to scan you or your objects in a matter of minutes.

We typically utilize the Artec Eva structured light 3D scanner (NO LASER) which is ideal for making a textured and accurate 3D file/model of people and medium-sized objects.  The Eva scans quickly capturing precise measurements in high resolution.

Our digital artists are also highly skilled in creating digital files through Photogrammetry.  This process, as opposed to 3D scanning, uses photographs rather than light to gather data.  Many photos are taken and are aligned in our software to create the file.

Once we have the digital file it can be changed in any way.  The geometry and texture can be modified to suit your specific needs and requirements.  The digital files that we create for our clients are considered “Ferrari” grade files and we have worked with many actors, musicians, athletes, Toronto Police, Film/TV sets, and many more to create top of the line digital files and 3D prints which can be produced in any material.  Our digital files can be used for CGI purposes and if we scan you one-day wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, we can change the file to have to wear whatever you want without you having to get scanned again.

Specs for the Artec Eva scanner

Artec Eva Specifications

3D point accuracy, up to                        0.1 mm

3D resolution, up to                                    0.5 mm

3D accuracy over distance,                      0.03% over 100 cm
up to

Working distance                                        0.4 – 1 m

Volume capture zone                             61,000 cm³

Linear field of view, HxW                       214 x 148 mm
@ closest range

Linear field of view, HxW                       536 x 371 mm
@ furthest range

Angular field of view, HxW                      30 × 21°

Ability to capture texture                      Yes

Texture resolution                                      1.3 mp

Colours                                                         24 bpp

3D reconstruction rate for                      16 fps
real-time recording, up to

3D reconstruction rate for                      16 fps
3D video recording, up to

Data acquisition speed,                         2 min points/sec.
up to

3D exposure time                                        0.0002 s

2D exposure time                                        0.00035 s

3D light source                                         Flashbulb (NO LASER)

2D light source                                         White 12 LED array

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