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Gregory from ASAP science with 3D print

3D Scanning and Printing ASAP Science Hosts

Mitch and Greg from ASAP Science came to MY3D Agency to learn more about 3D scanning and printing for an episode of their online show. Mitchell Moffit (born: March 27, 1988) and Gregory Brown (born: September 25, 1988) are better known online as AsapSCIENCE. They’re a Canadian YouTube duo that uses science to answer questions proposed in their videos.

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown are better known online as AsapSCIENCE.
Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown are better known online as AsapSCIENCE.

These young scientists asked around and found My3D Agency is a leader in 3D Imaging and Printing, a process they were seeking to explore in order to secure lifelike 3D figurines of themselves.

The duo have been creating science videos on their YouTube channel and their program, The Lab, attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers every week. The hosts have posted a video on YouTube that shows the highlights of their visit to My3D Agency, describes how 3D imaging works and best of all shows the final results as they unbox their characters live on the show.

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Mitch and Greg were able to simplify the process and showed how these characters are created by using bread slices as an example. It was fascinating to see the process uncovered by a team that can put complex thoughts, ideas and processes into simple words. Watch the episode below,

When the YouTube scientists headed to My3D Agency in Toronto to get 3D printed they were first asked to strike a pose. Greg decided to pose in a selfie position with his cell phone while Mitch held a 2-thumbs-up pose. While they were holding their positions a structured light 3D scanner was used to project a known pattern onto their bodies so that distortions and deformations could be analyzed through triangulation. This procedure shows how far away points are from the scanner so that a real-life character can be produced.

Although this may sound complex, the team shows the equipment used and how everything comes together on the video. Basically, the scanner is able to construct the image in real time. It’s a fascinating process and as you watch things come together you’ll be anxious to see the final 3-D creation and how close it comes to depicting Greg and Mitch.

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ASAP Science episode used simple sketches to illustrate the merits of 3D scanning and 3D printing.

When you see the characters pulled from the box you’ll be amazed to see just how lifelike they appear. This process was able to capture every detail of both hosts and even the smallest details of the cell phone are visible in the 3D rendering. This is state-of-the-art technology at its finest and there is no doubt that anyone watching this video will want to run out and create a character of their own.

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