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3D Printed Wedding Favours For Your Perfect Day

While weddings have become increasingly individualized in recent years, one element that seems to remain consistent is the choice of wedding favours. When done right, they are a beautiful way to thank your friends and family for attending, and can commemorate your special day for years to come. Unfortunately, with so many couples opting for the same few options, they often wind up in drawers or closets, seldom to be seen. Opting for 3D printed wedding favours is a great way to give a personal and distinctive wedding favour; something so unique that your guests will have a hard time forgetting about it. MY3D Agency can help you create a unique and thoughtful item to send home with your guests. Below are a few create ideas to help you come up with the perfect 3D printed favour for your special day.

Celebrate What Brought You Together
Commemorate your first date, or what drew you to one another by 3D printing something associated with that event. If your first date was at a favourite coffee shop, choose a coffee cup embossed with your initials. Perhaps it was a shared love for a television show or other piece of pop culture – whatever you choose, your guests will get a very personal and unique gift that will remind them of you every time.

Duplicate The Bouquet
Flowers make for amazing decorations around any home, and flowers that last forever are everyone’s favourite. 3D print a copy of your bouquet to create a personalized, and beautiful, favour for your guests. Not only will these be used long after the wedding, but they make for amazing table decorations at your reception.

Replicate Your Rings
Another beautiful option is to have your wedding rings scanned and replicated. These can be put in a box with other favours, or given on their own. Tie some string around them, to bind them together and turn them into an easily hung ornament. Chances are, you and your partner spent time picking the perfect wedding rings, and this is the perfect way to give your guests a truly unique favour, while also ensuring it’s something beautiful enough to be displayed long after the wedding is done.

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MY3D Agency provides unique and custom 3D scanning and printing; creating a perfectly scaled replica of you, a family member or any cherished item. Our technology allows us to create beautiful and unique replicas that will wow your guests and help create an unforgettable evening. 3D printed wedding favours would really complement the 3D wedding toppers that we also offer! For more ideas, or to get started on your 3D printed wedding favours, contact one of our sales experts at416-509-9030 or fill out our online form.