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3D Printed Custom Superheroes – The Ultimate Gift

3D Printed Custom Superheroes – The Ultimate Gift

Finding a unique gift for the superhero fan in your life can be incredibly difficult. Chances are, they already have the comics, movies, and figurines already in existence featuring their favourite hero, and there are only so many mugs and other merchandise that a person can reasonably own. While things like fan art and autographed comics are nice, they are hard to come by and figuring out which issue to get autographed or which artist is your loved one’s favourite is tricky. There is one amazing gift that every superhero fan, young and old alike, will adore: a custom 3D printed figurine.

Making One Is Fast

It takes virtually no time at all to create your 3D superhero; simply upload a front facing shot and a side profile and you’re almost done! The only time consuming part is figuring out which suit and which colours you want the most. The great thing about this, however, is that once your friend or family member has their photos turned into a 3D scan, you can create as many subsequent figurines as you’d like. If you can’t choose between the nimble suit and the gravity suit, for example, you can simply get both! It makes for a wonderful one-time gift, or something you can give each and every special occasion.

Ideal For All Ages

It used to be that superheroes were something geared towards kids, but this has changed in recent years. Now, there are movies, comic books, and even animated shorts geared for adults as well as kids, making superheroes a genre enjoyed by people of all ages. 3D printed figures don’t need to be a gift you save just for the kids, but can easily be given to all the heroes in your life regardless of age.

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MY3D Agency is one of the top producers of 3D printed models in Toronto and have earned the reputation as an industry leader in 3D scanning + printing. Our 3D printing figurines will help you immortalize any moment by making a 3D print of yourself, a friend or family member. For more information about the process and the appeal of a custom 3D superhero figuring, contact My3D Agency or give us a call at 416-509-9030.