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3d printed figurines of bride and groom

3 Unique Custom Wedding Cake Topper Ideas in Toronto

It’s your special day and you want everything to be memorable. You want to have a unique wedding that shares your values in life but also reflects your great bond and creativity. You’ve picked the perfect flower arrangements, arranged the seats so everyone will have a good time and made sure the catering company knows of any allergies. You’re about to call the bakery and make sure your cake is scrumptious and original. Choose a custom 3D printed wedding cake topper from My3D Agency, with photorealistic figurines of you and your fiancee! Here are 3 exciting unique cake topper ideas for you to consider:


Runaway Groom or Bride

Julia Roberts doesn’t have to be the only iconic bride. Try making your wedding cake topper light hearted by having one spouse run away from the other. It will make for a very interesting conversation starter and great photos for Instagram and Facebook!


Use a Prop

Try using a prop by bring an empty frame to stand behind and smile. This is a cute way of showcasing your relationship. A balloon is also a great idea and can come off as tons of fun and  be amusing on a wedding cake topper.


Body Movement

Having one spouse lifted up to be embraced or having one spouse pop their leg back with a kiss is also a cute fun idea for a wedding topper. A little bit of movement in your 3d figurine can do the trick!


At My 3D Agency, we specialize in wedding cake toppers and can provide you with a photorealistic figurine of yourself. We start by scanning you and your partner and printing it with our state-of-the-art 3D printer. Our 3D figurines have been made for celebrities like Jason Priestley, businesses and as prototypes for films. We are the #1 3D scanning and figure printing service in Toronto. For more information about how to get custom wedding toppers for your wedding please call 416-509-9030 or fill out our online form.